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Fully Automatic Cutting Machines For Battery Cable

  Model No: RAE - Ser - 2
Fully Automatic Cutting Machines For Battery Cable Fully Automatic Machine Suitable For cutting and jacket stripping of Multi core cables. Machine for single core wires From 0.5 to 16

Benefits :
* Fully automatic powerful machine.
* Auto Setting as well as Auto Running.
* High Quality + High Output
* At Low cost
* Small in size
* Saves Labour and
* Reduces copper wastage
* Encoder feedback foe better accuracy.
Performance Range :-
Length Selection 50mm to 9.9meters in steps of 1mm (Smaller length option available)
Accuracy +/- 2mm OR +/- 0.2 % depending upon wire Length
End Stripping 2mm~ 150 mm
Wire Cross section 0.5 to 16
Multi core cable upto 4core X
Wire Types

Single core with single or multiple strands
Multi core cable upto 4core X

Max. Wire programs

65 (PLC control)
10,000 (PC controls)

Changeover setting time  5 mins max for blade setting (Digital Setting in 5 secs.)
Only Cutting
Cutting and Single Side Stripping
Cutting and Both Side Stripping
Technical Data :-
Mechanical system Small machine with no-maintenance, precision mechanical system
Electronic system PLC Control OR optional pc controle
Wire feed system  2 servo motors with 4 feed rollers, variable speed
Cutting & Stripping system V blade pair with Servo motor, variable speed with  PLC or PC controlled strokes
Length Measurement system Directly by servo motor control and feedback by low resolution encoder (optional)
Power 220V / 50 Hz, other options upon request
Compressed air (5 to 7 bar, 70 to100 psi),
Dimensions 500mm(L) x 335mm(H) x 620mm(D) 
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