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Wire Cutting Machines Manufacturer, Wire Stripping Machines Supplier, Wire Processing Machines, Industrial Automation System, Plc Software Developer, Mumbai, India


Being a leader in the field, it puts extra pressure on us to meet and exceed customer expectations.
To achieve this, we try to concentrate on certain salient features in our products and services.

These are,

Good quality Rugged machines.
variety of solutions to cater to different budgets.
Prompt After Sales Service
Local Support, Always available
Indian machines
Machines that are tailor made for Indian conditions. And which offer ‘Value For Money’
New solutions to meet or exceed growing customer expectation.
Workforce :
Being a company that manufactures technically good machines and also being the one which develops new products, we have people with strength in Design, Engineering, PLC Software development. They have developed these skills with their educational background and solid work experience. But more than these skills, we have the people who are willing to work with the customer and understand his needs. And when these people work together, they are bound to produce good solutions that will meet or exceed the customer specifications.
Product Range :
Machine Makers R.S. is manufacturing wire cutting and stripping machines, and many other related products, that have been developed with the help of in house R&D.
Today we offer solutions for

Fully Automatic Cut, Stip & Crimp Machine
Fully Automatic Cut, Stip & Crimp Machine

* Sliting for Ribbon Cables
* Jacket Stripping of power chords
* Window Stripping
* PC based "wire win" software for Control Panel

Fully Automatic Cut, Stip Machine for
* Battery Cable of upto 70 sq mm
* A single machine for 0.5 to 16 sq mm

Fully Automatic Cutting Machine
Power Chords
* Clutch Cables
* Sleeves & Rubber Tubes
*·Corrugated Tubes


Other accessories / machines
* STripping Fixtures
* Crimping Press
* De-Reelers / UN-Winders for Spools & Bobbins.

We have also developed a specialized PC based software ‘WireWin’ for our range of wire cutting and stripping machines. We also have on-line cutting solutions for cables and small plastic tubes.

Client Satisfaction :
Wiring harness industry is highly labour intensive industry and runs on tight production schedules. As such the customers require a good support. Being a local manufacturer with complete product know-how, our customers are assured of prompt support and after-sales service.
It is the product quality and prompt service, that has helped us to grow our business. We believe that ‘A happy customer brings in another’. And this is simply, what we try to achieve.
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