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Wire Win : Software for Wire Cutting Machines

The "WireWin" windows-based PC software is a perfect tool to enhance the productivity of your wire cutting cum stripping machine. The software is specially designed for the needs of the wire industry.
"WireWin" from 'machine makers' is the software that helps you build up a huge database of wires, apart from controlling the machine. In addition, the visual features of this software and easy to use menus ensure that even the novice can work like an expert.
Wire Win : Software for Wire Cutting Machines

Visualize! See before you Cut
The software shows you a coloured preview of the selected wire with insulation colour, tracer line colours, cutting pattern and all the dimensions. So you can see the wire even before you cut it and thus can be sure that you have chosen the right one

Search it, click it and forget it…
You can simply select a wire from the list by clicking the mouse. Once it is selected and quantity entered, let the machine do everything

Setting? Automatic!
As a wire is selected, all its parameters get automatically loaded. One is not required to do the setting. The software does it for you, automatically.

Forgotten Wire Code? No problem!
Just in case you have forgotten the "WireCode", the powerful search utilities help you locate it. You can search the list using as many as seven different attributes.

Database: So easy to build
You can go on building the database as you start using the machine. Alternatively, you can do the data-entry on the PC in your office and then simply download it on the machine PC.
The software comes with powerful commands of copying and modifying the data. So a lot of data-entry efforts are saved.

Raw Material Library: Very handy
All the important parameters of each different raw material are stored in a separate raw material library. User defined wires can also be added to it.

Setting parameters? Let the software help you out
Whenever you enter a new wire, the software can automatically select its setting parameters. This is done through the master database of cutting parameters. If you wish, you can edit this setting. What is more, you can even edit the master database as you gain expertise. Alternatively, you can do the entire setting, all by yourself.

Security & Tamper proofing? Software takes care
The software comes with a password protection. Every user is to have a different password. Thus only the authorized persons can operate the machine. Software is having a built-in authority protocol to ensure that the operator can only run the machine and not play with databases. Only those with given authority can have access to master databases.

Wire Win : Software for Wire Cutting Machines
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